Monday, 17 February 2014

Ellymental My Dear Watson!

I might have said this before, indeed I'm sure I have but today I'm too lazy to look back through old blog posts. So at the risk of repeating myself I'll say that one of the main ways to curb those impulsive shopping habits and save yourselves a wads of cash is easy-peasy. Simply don't go anywhere near shops if you don't have to, in either the real or virtual world of the Internet.

On Saturday though, I'm afraid that I didn't heed my own advice. There I was with Crafty Kerry, in the Contemporary Craft Fair shop and this little fellow jumped out at me.  I just had to have him!  And do you know I'm not feeling guilty at all.  A rare off-the-cuff treat is a rather lovely thing to have.  Crafty Kerry had her eye on a few pieces too.  It's close to her birthday and she was going to head back to the shop with her husband in tow and drop a few heavy hints.

My little 'literary owl' necklace is made, allegedly from paper, metal and paper mache by Ellymental Jewellery. Such a complex process, such affordable prices.  Go looksie at the website.  I promise you that its worth it. Both the vintage inspired jewellery and the design of the sign are an absolute treat.   I may well be back myself to buy some more pieces when the urge to treat myself again takes hold!


  1. That is a lovely thing to have! I don't blame you for getting it.

  2. Nothing wrong with a treat now and then - what a nice little pick-me-up!