Sunday, 9 February 2014

Gym Workout For Free!

Here's a picture that I took in Barcelona that I meant to publish much sooner and then promptly forgot! Serves me right for trying to fill it too full of ideas and schemes.  Sometimes as a consequence things get lost in the pile.

Anyway this shows just how well used that outdoor gym machine is over on the continent.  I've witnessed similar  in France with the more senior members of the town using the area as a place to socialise and exercise.  You'll notice no fancy footwear or clothing here.

In this country the equipment seems to stay largely unused.  Perhaps some kids will have a play on it or the occasional adult does a few turns for a laugh but that's as far as I've seen it go.  Correct me if I'm mistaken.  But if you've got something similar in your local area and have been wanting to do more  exercise couldn't you incorporate this into your regime.  If a few people out there start using it then it's likely that others will follow suit.  Watch this video link to see how this works!


  1. I love the outdoor gym in my parents town in East Devon, but as you say, there's usually no one apart from us using it. Love the smart gentlemen using the gym in your pic!

  2. They also have one in Playa Blanca in Lanzarote. It was quite fascinating watching the older ones showing the young ones how to work them lol

    Sue R