Thursday, 27 February 2014

In Celebration of the First Ever Blooming Good Parent's Evening: A Post About My Kid

In spite of his dyslexia and a pretty relaxed parenting style, my happy, funny Louis, who brings me more joy than I ever could have imagined, is now above average in all key subject areas. Yay!  He retains more than a hint of naughtiness though so there's no doubt at all that he has his mother's genes!

This picture, taken in our Barcelona hotel room last month makes me laugh, not so much for the subject matter but rather for the funny memories it brings back.  I thought that cleaning staff had forgotten to put out toiletries and was rather miffed  about the solitary tiny soap tablet.  It was not until we got home that I discovered Louis' stash of bubble bath, shoe cleaning kits and shampoo, hidden away in his bag. There was also a sweetshop full of the complementary candy from the big glass jar on the front desk of where we'd stayed in Andorra too.  I kind of guessed that he'd had a thing going with the lovely Mexican receptionist but hadn't realised that she'd been doling out quite so many tokens of  affection to her young sugar crazed suitor!

Treasure isn't always hidden quite so thoroughly. Little collections of random items often inhabit the pockets of his school trousers and then rattle around the washing machine as I forget to remove them. His grandparents came up trumps recently. My parents, Mama and Papa Lovelygrey have been feeding his current love of Greek Mythology and there's prompt cards for learning the Greek Alphabet that are no doubt rubbing up against fluffy boiled sweets and a toy car or two.  These emerged at breakfast the other day and I now remember how to order my thetas and omegas.  His other grandmother presented him with this Beano box of tricks, oldie but goodies from an eighty five year old who should know better. I've been caught out with the bendy pencil and then there's that Gnasher Poo!  Just an object for honing a keen sense of toilet humour that should be amongst the core subjects taught in all the schools up and down the land.  It was placed behind my bottom when I was sitting on the bed the other day so no doubt has been put to similar service in the classroom.  I'm just waiting for it to be confiscated and returned to me by his exasperated teacher.  Thanks a lot Nana Lovelygrey! 

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