Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Posh Frocks, Pauper Prices

I am a wee bit of a sod when it comes to clothes and that £300 budget for the year has already taken a caning.  But heck, there could be worse vices to be had.  George at Asda is a current fave as I've shown you before.  Recently they've come up trumps with a number of pieces where the quality of the garment far surpasses the price.

And this is my latest lovely purchase, an online exclusive from the Graduate Fashion Week range that was delivered free of charge to the local store within less than 48 hours.  I can pretty much guarantee that my friends with tastes for posher labels would never guess where this striking fine knit maxi dress came from unless I told  them.  But I will for I have a big mouth when it comes to these things.  What I can guarantee is that label snobs will never be wearing the same thing themselves.  After all they're not going to be grubbing around buying clothes from one of the more discounted supermarket sites!

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