Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Snappy Friend

I think that I've spoken before about the time when taking a picture demanded way more forethought than it does today.  It was an expensive old business in the days before digital photography what with reels of film and developing on top.  So the ability to snap away without a care to the world is something that I'm grateful for.  Don't get me wrong; I'm no David Bailey but just like to archive bits and pieces of the world around me and its lovely to be able to do that without fretting about the cost.

Friends and family often find that I take pictures of their own art work to add to the resources that spur my own creativity.  And I am so loving this picture owned by Salty Dog who likes a good boat, in real life or pictorial form.  Would you believe it's a photo by a chap called Cory Silken. I thought it was a water colour until I looked closely.  There's a nice story behind it too. It was bought with the inheritance from her Nana and represents three generations of women in her family.  Such a great thing to do with a special pot of money!

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