Sunday, 23 February 2014

Special Thank Yous

This post is dedicated to my extra special friends who've been super kind and supportive this week when I've needed them most.  They know who they are and why they rallied to my side. Although I divulge the contents of, my knicker drawer and my illustrious preparations for a weigh-in  I'll have you know that there's lots that doesn't make it to Blogland.  It's private and that's the way it's gonna stay.  Anyway, thanks team! Your kindness has been much appreciated and you know that I'll reciprocate one day if you're  ever in need of some succour.  Now isn't that a jolly good word?

So, the latest of my Good Samaritans, Red Mel, fed me today, a wonderful asparagus and vegetable curry from Rick Stein's India.  And I spotted this little fellow,  the most recent Amigurumi that she's made for her granddaughter Delilah. I'm showing you the book because these toys are dead cute. They're easy peasy little creatures for the crocheters amongst you to make as gifts for the little ones in your lives!

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