Friday, 28 February 2014

The Ray Winstone of Reiki

Every girl needs to have a healer or indeed an 'ealer in my own case.  Working in Totnes, one of the UK hotspots of hippydom, must be having an effect. Being somewhat unconventional the usual softly spoken lady with flowing locks dressed in rainbow coloured chiffon would not cut the mustard for me.  I've been persuaded by the Ray Winstone of Reiki that he, a South London social worker/ex-copper/ex-nurse who has a belly achingly funny repertoire of dirty humour and a brilliant way with metaphor, is the man for the job.   I'd have used the cover of 'Scum' to illustrate today's post if I hadn't been worried about the threat of the copyright police coming to get me. This rather magnificent illustration from a 1899 Yoga manuscript will have to suffice.

'Blimey doll!' Ray said after nicking one of my rings and swinging it around on a chain.  'Your energy levels are at about thirty percent. Let me come round to your gaff and sort you out darling! What I'll do is bring my  table, candles and other sh*t and realign your chakras. There'll be a bit of touching but nothing that would get me a kick up the arse from the missus.'  With those words of reassurance who could refuse?  Let me add here that I've known Ray for a long time  and in spite of his innuendo laden banter he is as sound as a pound.  Make sure you do your proper checks before employing your own well dodgy geezers as therapists and inviting them into your own home.  They may not do what they say on the tin!

As promised Ray arrived last night and set up his pop up therapy room in my lounge.  I cooked him supper and plied him with tea in return for loads of funny chat with major references to astrology for he's into that as well.  'You Aries always seem so bloody scary, charging at things with your 'orns!'  Oh, and then there was the treatment which took about an hour.

It was bliss and yes, I do feel energised to the point that it's nearly 1am in the morning and I haven't felt the need for sleep yet!  At various times during the session I felt extremes of temperature, involuntary movement and pulsing energy.  But I got none of the imagery that came through to Ray.  Darkness in a wood giving way to extraordinary sunlight to add the finishing touch to a rather sweet  picnic on a red gingham tablecloth, yellow flowers emerging from my solar plexus and no less than six people working together with him on one of my chakras, those energy points spaced through the body that my inner rational scientist balks at.  What's that all about then? Ray has a vivid imagination if nothing else.  I'll report back soon on whether my renewed vigour has been sustained. 

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