Monday, 24 February 2014

'Ugly Julie'

Good morning!   I'm feeling a little audacious today so have finally taken the plunge and done this post which I hope is going to be thought provoking.  Just before Christmas  I took a load of selfies one evening including a relatively pleasing one that I've included on a post before.  Please go and have a look because it shows me in a better light and I do have my vanity to preserve!

Being a wacky chick I got to experimenting and wondered if I could take a picture that made me look really, really ugly.  I think you'll agree that I've well and truly succeeded in my plan, unless you're an amorous male bulldog or gurnard that is!

When I popped this on my Facebook page and suggested that it was an art installation I had one of the most vocal responses from my online friends who expressed shock that I'd shared this.  I was even complimented on my bravery. Some of the comments were along the line of 'that cannot be you. doll!'.  But it clearly is. I was there when the picture was taken holding the camera in my left hand.  So what does this say?  Here's some ideas.

1.  The camera never lies - or does it.  Clearly people are shocked and happily this is not how they perceive me to look. For goodness sake I sometimes am told that I am pretty and those commentators aren't all short sighted.
2.  I think that it throws up questions about selfhood.  Do I reject 'Ugly Julie' because she is not the person that I want to display to the world?  In reality we all have an ugly side but often we try to brush it under the carpet and pretend it doesn't exist.  Is there merit in acknowledging it and seeing it for what it is?  And why am I begging you all to go and look at my more flattering picture?
3.  Who is the real person anyway?  Working in dementia care I often hear people's relatives say that the person is not their true self anymore.  Does this negate their very being in the end stages of their life?  Is this saying that we are only really a person when we are at our best?
4.  It is the absolute antithesis of the airbrushed and the fake!

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