Friday, 21 February 2014

Where's Me Cosmo?

When the NHS is running at its best it is second to none.  I cannot imagine that healthcare could be any better anywhere in the world.  Believe me, I've have some personal experience over the last two years or so.  And so it is with the physiotherapy service in Devon.  You self refer without having to go through your GP and get an appointment pronto.  It's the absolute dog's danglies.

I thought that it would be a good idea to do some groundwork in advance of my knee operation at the end of March so decided to seek advice on exercise that would make the going a little easier after surgery.  After all I only have to pop downstairs from the office, sit in the waiting room at the hospital where I work for a little while.  It couldn't be any simpler.  There was only one criticism.  As I've highlighted here, and to the girls at reception, the choice of reading material provided was absolutely woeful!

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  1. Self-referral has to be a good way forward - why waste a GP appointment when you know they will probably refer you on to a physio. If the problem doesn't warrant physio in the end, it might be a physio appointment wasted, but at least it's not a GP one too.