Tuesday, 4 February 2014

World Exclusive! Exorcist Remake

I've never seen the quintessential horror film from the 1970s and nor am I likely to.  That genre is way too scary for me. My natural anxiety levels have a tendency to be on the high side without having onscreen encounters with mad axemen and the demon possessed. Once when I was a student my flatmates hired 'Nightmare on Elm Street' which I managed to watch for about five minutes through the holes in my jumper AND with my figures in my ears.  Even that was too much and had me fleeing from the room, along with another similarly wimpy companion!

It seems though that Windy Miller, our breakfast companion, at Lovelygrey Cottage  is a fan of a good scary movie.  So much so that here he prematurely trying out for that Exorcist remake that I mentioned earlier.  Even the  moguls don't know its being made yet.  The big question is - can young Windy make the transition from humble albeit much loved star of British Children's TV to out and out Hollywood megarstar?

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