Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Clouds and Gratefulness

I love Brother David Steindl Rast but not, in a phwoah! kind of way, I'll hastily add.  That would be oh so wrong for he's eighty seven years old and a Benedictine monk for goodness sake.  No, those warm fuzzy feelings of affection are winging their way to him because of the eloquence and wisdom of his teaching.  There you go, I told you my intentions were pure!

 His website is a rich plethora of treasure that counters those desires for acquisition  that overtake all of us.  It demonstrates how we may see ourselves as blessed by focusing on what we have rather than what we perceive as missing from our lives.  It's all jolly good stuff and there's so much of it to work through.  As an introduction  I've included the video 'A Good Day' at the bottom of this post just in case you aren't convinced.  It's a bit schmaltzy in its presentation but there you go that's Americans for you! The concept though can't be faulted.

I'm particularly captivated by the idea of being appreciative of the sky what with the formation of clouds never being the same in different moments.  Hence, today's picture which I stopped the car to take last week as I was coming home from work in Tavistock.  I've done the same journey since and what greeted me at the same spot was a much different angrier sky that changed the whole vista.  It's an ever changing landscape that's so beautiful it isn't hard for those feelings of gratitude to come bubbling up to the surface!

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