Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Cornish Kiddie Meal

I'm gathering together a willing band of volunteers for Operation Mobilisation Lovelygrey which will commence after my surgery. This kindly bunch have agreed to take me out and stop me going stir crazy. Even so, it looks like my movement may be severely curtailed what with a ban on driving. So I've decided to push the boat out while I still can. Our trip to the Maritime Museum at Falmouth was therefore in two parts with a lovely lunch in between at The Shack, a near  faultless and atmospheric seafood diner just a stone's throw from the door of the museum.

Now Louis loves a chicken nugget much as the next child but sometimes he'll surprise me.  He likes a Pizza Express dough ball as well but I steered him away from our favourite chain on this occasion as I fancied something a little different. I chose squid and  smoked haddock kedgeree from The Shack's £12 lunch menu. Am I beginning to sound a little like Michael Winner?  Probably not as he wouldn't have chosen something that cheap. He'd have been happy though as more expensive fayre such as oysters was on offer.  Louis spurned the kid's menu and took on this handsome beastie who was served hot with garlic butter. Yum!

In true kid style Louis rejected the green garnish so I polished that off.  It's a toughie but someone has to eat samphire that is going spare.

Here's my son completely absorbed in a task that rendered him speechless, a rare state of affairs for mother and son alike. Over the course of the meal he became increasingly adept in using the great big gnarly hammer, crab crackers and a pointy thing to perform a form of crustacean surgery.  The outcome though wasn't good for the poor crab.  He was crushed to pieces and  well and truly devoured. Fingers crossed that whoever operates on me is a little more careful.  Thanks to the very kindly staff in the restaurant who provided very patient instruction in messy crab deconstruction.  Let's hope we can visit again in the very near future.

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