Sunday, 30 March 2014

Crafts on Crutches

Cushions: Hugh Durnford Wood
Heartfelt thanks go to  friends and family whose good wishes and kindness are spurring me onto great things!  They've rallied round and fed me, brought me reading matter and flowers, nagged me to do my physiotherapy and made me laugh. Yesterday it was Crafty Kerry's turn to be nursemaid. She turned up with her kids to give Louis a lift to Gang Show rehearsal and I decided that it was high time to venture out with her in search of coffee and fresh air.

Jewellery: Sue Gregor
Crafty Kerry managed to damage her Achille's tendon in the week so we both set out, a little self consciously, on a jaunt around Bovey Tracey on crutches. It looked as if we were on a day care outing.  'Are you two after the sympathy vote?'  asked one guy whose lack of tact and diplomacy may been an indication that he was lacking half of the frontal lobes of his brain.

Three days ago, hobbling into the Flying Pig cafe and collapsing into that cosy armchair that I've bagsied as my own would have been a difficult feat. But now, I've come on leaps and bounds.  Before our coffee stop, we trawled around the charity shops, I stocked up with cheese and crackers from the deli and, of course, painkillers, so that I can keep up the good work from a rehabilitation perspective.

Cashmere Scarves: Genia Lorberg

It wouldn't have been a trip to Bovey without a saunter down the hill to the Devon Guild of Craftsmen for some inspiration.  And we made it!  The lovely exhibition space there is in transition at the moment so we just had to make do with feasting our eyes on what was available in the shop.  Oh if only occupational therapists had the same pay as merchant bankers or I had a trust fund.  Then I'd be able to support all these starving craftspeople!

Folded Metalwork:  Lizzie Sanders

Here's an extra special mention to the lady who taught me nearly everything that I know about jewellery making.   She makes extraordinary sculptures that are folded from single pieces of metal using a hush, hush, super secret technique. Lizzie, your display at the Guild is looking mighty fine at the moment.

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  1. Looks like you had a great outing, in-spite of your disabilities. The 'gentleman' who spoke to you on your walk obviously wasn't thinking right. I do love the sculptures!