Monday, 17 March 2014

Food Waste Challenge Update

When I set myself the week long food waste challenge last week I thought that it would be pretty easy-peasy.  And it was!   Aside from buying six pints of milk not a single grocery item crossed my threshold that I'd bought myself. Oh, there was a beautiful artisan loaf of onion bread from Totnes market.  Do impulse purchases of bread count against me?  I suppose that they might do!

Well, okay  I should also 'fess up to more stuff that might be construed by some as cheating.  A harsh word I think you'll agree.   Louis had an extra rehearsal for the Scout Gang Show.  There really was no time to cook,  a perfect excuse to get fish and chips from the excellent Bovey Fish Bar,  that proves that a perfectly cooked version of a British staple isn't just the preserve of Rick Stein. I thrice cooked leftover chips for Louis' tea the next day though,  That has to count in my favour.

I might score even more brownie points if I tell you that I made meals for friends twice, just from what I had in the fridge and the cupboards. Salty Dog arrived for an impromptu visit on Friday and I baked her a vegetarian version of a butternut squash recipe that I've previously featured, replacing bacon with chopped nuts.  She in return gave me a lemon.  But this is not just any lemon for she had picked it from a tree in Spain earlier in the week with the express intention of giving it to me.  Isn't that lovely?  It was used on pancakes that Louis made for Saturday's breakfast.

The other dishes at the top of the page were rustled up for Red Mel and Louis on Saturday.  Under that lush topping of chorizo, chunks of cheese, tomatoes and olives there's a puff pastry base that was coated with my own version of tomato puree, made of food processed sun dried tomatoes.  It adds an intensity of flavour that the shop bought stuff can't compete with.  It went in the oven for a little over 30 minutes at Gas Mark 6.  That's 200 degrees Celsius to anyone who has an electric oven.

And for pudding there was crumble of course, made with some Granny Smiths that have been hanging around in the fridge for a while.  I've previously given the instructions for what has to be my favourite dessert.  I didn't have any cream or ice cream though so a bit more resourceful rule bending was called for.  I asked Red Mel to bring some with her.  Sorted!

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