Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Going Under

Yay, today's the one I've been waiting for!  In a couple of hours I'm going to have a great big thwack of anaesthesia and then a nice surgeon is going to fix my knee.  The fridge is filled, my in-tray has been emptied and the house is clean and tidy in preparation.

'Are you scared?' someone asked.  'Not in the least' was my reply.   I'm not a cowardy custard but a seasoned, brave soul who's been under the knife a few times in the years since Louis was reluctantly forced into the big wide world by way of a Caesarian section.  I've got plenty of the medical equivalent of battle scars now.  No,  I'm just relieved that the end of being restricted from a mobility point of view is in sight.  Sure, there's a difficult couple of months ahead whilst I recuperate but I reckon that enough mates will be around to help keep my spirits up.

I thought that this should be a hopeful post so to spur me on to greater things.  So here's a list of some of the things that I'd like to do before the year is out.
  • I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike!  It's something that I've loved since childhood and I want to be able to bring out my inner ten year old by whizzing down the hill from the next village again.
  • What I'd also really like to do is step up the number of miles that I can hike.  I hope it's not too optimistic to think a night under the stars in the middle of nowhere in a backpacking tent could be on the cards
  • Parking the motorhome on the Exmouth seafront car park and taking the water taxi to the River Exe Cafe for a fishy supper would be a brilliant treat.
  • Further afield I'm imagining a trip across the Channel to get a few days of isolation at my favourite beachside  aire at Ster Greich  is entirely feasible.
  • Or how about a minibreak and actually getting into the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona this time?
  • Surely a festival or two is on the cards as well.  Chagstock is a given but surely there might be others? Glas-Denbury is cheap and local so could be one that's up our street.
  • I'm looking forward to runs out in my new. mean, green  Czech built machine.
  • After school swims on the River Dart beckon.
  • And  I just wonder if my newly reconstructed knee could cope with being knelt on once again if I plan another meditation retreat.
Keep your body parts crossed for me!


  1. Hope it goes well and that your recovery is swift and as pain-free as possible. Roll on a glorious summer and those bike rides, hikes and camp-outs! x

  2. Here's to your uneventful procedure and recovery so you can make a start on your list x

  3. Wishing you all the best; I'm sure it will go fine!

  4. I hope it's all gone well and you'll soon be fighting fit.

  5. Your blog brought such nostalgia for campers,France and Spain. Just the stuff to dream about when the nurses and physios leave you to drowse. We wish you a speedy recovery - don't start dancing too soon!

  6. I'm all behind again! Have you had the operation now and are you in recovery? Good luck with getting fit.