Saturday, 8 March 2014

Homely Home

The weekend stretches ahead of me and, for a change, I have nothing planned. That's a good state of affairs indeed. Between Thursday and Tuesday last week I had stuff scheduled in for five of those six evenings, something that hasn't happened for, I don't know, it must be well over a decade.  Of course, I won't be doing nothing over the next couple of days but let's see what crops up spontaneously rather than getting all diaried out.

One of the things that I'm hoping to have time to do, as well as a little crutch assisted ramble up on the moor in the forecasted sunshine, is to give the house a thorough going over. Yes, a spring clean by any other name.  It's absolutely necessary as I equate an ordered living space with peace of mind.  Seeing that my knee operation is just over two weeks away I want to get my home to a state where I can rest tranquilly without fretting about clutter,dirt and those cobwebs that those productive country bumpkin spiders who live round here hang up for decoration.

Two years ago when I first moved I had my misgivings about whether Lovelygrey Cottage could ever be viewed as home.  As it's  a privately rented property, the  tenancy has be revoked with a couple of months  notice  at any time.  Thankfully I've been able to put that to the back of my mind.  In fact I don't know if it's a worry anymore.  Que sera, sera.  This place  has become a secure happy retreat for me and Louis and a welcoming place for friends and family to visit.

I brought relatively very little with me from my former marital home.  After all Louis and Mr X still had to live there.  My beloved bargain Stressless recliner, desk and shelves from my office and a few bits of furniture that have followed me around from childhood were exceptions to the rule.  The house could have ended up looking very swanky and trendy indeed if I'd kitted it out with new stuff.  It might have even started to date by now because there are fashions in homestyle as well as clothing I'll have you know. What I like though is that with a mixture of recycled and secondhand finds and crafty makes by myself and others, I've created an timeless atmosphere, somewhere cosy that looks as if it has been lived in for years.

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