Saturday, 22 March 2014

If the Pizza Man Calls.....

In the spirit of getting things into the open, and avoiding a mental mess, I'll confess to a minor act of lawbreaking!  Counter to the 2014 spending rules, there's been a flurry of online book acquisitions here at Lovelygrey Cottage.   Oops!   Not only did I buy Don Miguel Ruiz's 'The Four Agreements', as I already said that I would, but I also decided that my reading on Toltec Wisdom would benefit from being extended further. There's five books altogether including this one here,  The Mastery of Love, billed as 'The Practical Guide to the Art of Relationship'.  Given that I'm going through a divorce, a situation that I never want to be in again,  it's probably a good idea to hone my skills in this area.

Let me illustrate the wisdom contained in this book by paraphrasing the thirteen pages of the sixth chapter into four short paragraphs. I urge you to read the book as it's expressed in way more beautiful language than I can come up with.   If you can't be bothered though, you're just going to have to make do with my down to earth Essex take.  It's  pretty much describes something that I'd already worked out for myself anyway but a bit of metaphor is always a good thing.

Imagine you lived in a house where you had a magic kitchen where you could have any food that you liked in any quantity.  I'm loving the idea of unlimited ice cream!  As a generous person you share this food freely and your house is always full of others eating there.

One day, a bloke with a dirty T-shirt and a builder's bum hanging out of back of his jeans comes round with a scabby home delivery pizza and says ''Ere darling! You can have this if you let me control your life'.  Of course, you laugh in his face. 'Why would I want that plastic pepperoni and floppy fake mozzarella on a soggy thick crust base when I can have an artisan wood fired creation topped with the finest Italian ingredients.....and Rossi's award winning lemon sorbet for pud as well?  Now sling your hook!'  The situation would be entirely different if you were really starving.  Then you might consider agreeing to the deal.

Of course we aren't really talking about food here. Duh!   If you have an abundance of love rather than food you have enough for yourself and for others that can be shared freely. Anyone knocking on the door offering more but with conditions gets short shrift,  but again the situation might be very different if you were starving for love. 

So in summary, sort yourself out, love yourself and create happiness within and  for those  around you.  And then when Diamond Geezer comes along you can just get on with sharing, having fun and walking off into the sunset down Southend Pier without all that neediness shite!


  1. I love your Essex take on this! The wisdom is absolutely spot on too..
    KJ x

  2. Excellent advice! I was all settled to enjoy the rest of my life single when the right one came along. We both had good lives as single people and were not so needy - a good place to be.