Saturday, 29 March 2014

Keeping Him Curious

You'd probably have difficulty believing this but I swear on my Girl Guide's honour, a very solemn promise indeed,  that I lost my 'Jeremy Kyle Show' cherry yesterday by total accident.  Maybe I could take one of those lie detector tests that the participants put themselves through.  You see, it didn't take me long  at all to get the gist of that format!  As I was doing a rather nifty manoeuvre to get something off the coffee table, I knocked a remote control.  Bamm!   the telly came on and there  was the show in its full blown, shouty glory. It seemed rude not to continue watching. The legendary Jezza, didn't look anything  like I'd imagined.  I think I was getting him muddled up with Jeremy Vine!  Anyhow he was confronting a bloke who'd slept with his wife's friend whilst the missus was in prison for the night. Don't people complicate their lives terribly?  What's wrong with staying out of trouble and cuddling up with a nice cup of cocoa I ask you!
And so it came to pass that, on just day four of my period of sick leave, I started to slide down that very slippery slope that is daytime TV watching. I'll try very hard not to let it happen again as there's other more productive and meaningful things  I'd rather be doing. Just before I went back to firming up the old resolve and denying myself screen time though, I snuck in a back episode of Frasier for old time's sake. I'd forgotten how much I love that programme.  

My real time television watching is pretty minimal these days so perhaps that's why I had never seen Brittany Ferry's latest advert  that came on during the commercial break. The backing song, Curiosity, by Ben Cocks stopped me dead in my tracks.  For it seemed to talk  about my own beautiful, highly inquisitive son who  changed my life forever eleven years ago  after he was coaxed out into the world following three days of labour.   That even makes getting him out of the door to school look like a breeze, and believe me, it's no mean feat!  Yes, it's Louis' birthday today so  I'll dedicate this to him. It comes with heaps of love, a pile of sweets, a collection of little presents and money towards that expensive GoPro helmet camera  to film his biking and skiing exploits that he's been nagging me for. Ye gods!   Being the apple of your Mamma's eye doesn't mean that she'll fork out £350 without a second thought. What Louis wants doesn't always equate to what Louis immediately  gets.

The words of the song  sum up a philosophy on life that will bring him joy and opportunity.  It's my sincere hope that the spirit of curiosity stays firmly put.  It's served him well through his first decade or so and will keep on doing so  as his independence inevitably and rightly increases.

....Oh my son, stay curious my boy 
Always ask where this road goes 
Oh my son, stay curious my boy 

You'll find love where you don't know 
Oh my son, stay curious my boy....

....The day you pick up all your bags and lay down your toys
Oh my son, stay curious my boy.

And here's a gift for anyone who is going through  a Jeremy Kyle-esqe stage in their lives.  Dear, dear. I hope that there aren't many out there in such a state of disharmony.  It's a link to another Ben Cocks track that I found while researching this post.  It's a lovely glimpse of  how relationships can be when no-one is weaving a tangled web and everything is kept nice,simple and straightforward.

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  1. Daarn it, I missed Louis's big day. I hope it went well?

    I have never even heard of Jeremy Kyle but should never have watched such a programme anyway.