Sunday, 23 March 2014

Made Up Selfie

Those make up  free selfies in aid of Cancer Research UK are gracing Facebook as we speak.  So here's mine. Off you pop and donate a couple of hundred quid  for the privilege of me looking, well, exactly the same as I do all day, every day.

Seemingly I appear to be in a minority group. As I've mentioned before, I haven't worn a stitch of warpaint in years, not even to weddings or job interviews where it could be viewed by many as essential.  In fact I own none.  I've become a bit militant about my barefacedness too.  I'm not keen on the illusion that it creates and want others to see what I really look like.  I'm promoting the idea that it's not at all necessary to wear a mask. And I like to be clean. Putting a load of gunk on my face just after showering makes me feel dirty and not in a good way!

To have any hope in hell of raising money for charity, I needed to do something different.  So, with some trepidation, I thought I'd join some of the blokes out there and, as women say, 'put me face on' for my last night of revelry in Brixham before the knee op.  I ignored Mr Metrosexual's comment about how I'd probably look like a man in drag.  Well okay, I didn't let it pass without uttering a few well deserved expletives.  Scary Secretary was then let loose with her fine cosmetic collection and she set to the task with gusto.

Here's the result.  Lippie, mascara, eyeliner, shadow, blusher and bronzing powder, whatever that is.  I think you'll agree that, in spite of Mr Metrosexual's doubts, and my own efforts to dumb down the whole Barbie thing by giving myself a fresh grade 6 haircut, I still look like a girl and not one that's too dolled up either.  Scary Secretary was kind.  She wiped away the Harpo Marx eyebrows that Ruff Stu originally drew on and went for the 'natural' look rather than a Pantomine Dame. But here's the rub.  The whole thing took an age to apply and, as expected, my face felt claggy and itchy.

So, the experience won't have me rushing into Boots for essential kit to fill my toiletries bag. My alter ego isn't someone that I want to see back in any hurry.  I washed her away at the end of the evening.  When I say wash, I don't mean my usual dousing with tap water. Industrial strength make up remover is the order of the day.  What a pallaver when all I wanted to do was brush my teeth and go to sleep. So now, after I've been to all that effort, go to that website and press the 'Donate' button!


  1. You look very nice in that second photo. Man in drag made me laugh. I have a photo of me dolled up to the nines, and I really do look like a man in drag. I am bare faced every day now, can't be bothered to put on a mask.

  2. You're funny! (the bit about having to apply industrial strength make up remover instead of just brushing teeth and going to sleep - made me laugh).
    I am also in the minority bare-faced brigade. I'm 31, and I think I haven't worn anything at all, ever, for about two years now. Before that I used to occasionally put some on for weddings/big nights out type occasions but since it was always an exception, I just felt self conscious and didn't enjoy it.
    Last job interview I went to, went barefaced. I'm in the job now :-)