Monday, 10 March 2014

Moorland Jaunts and Nice Surprises

Here's the proof that I did what I said that I was going to do this weekend and got up on Dartmoor.  Yeah, yeah, yeah I know that selfie could have been taken ages ago when I could move around like a gazelle on heat. You're just going to believe that it was taken on Saturday. In fact it was so lovely to sit on a rock in the sunshine, gaze out into the distance and contemplate my navel that I hobbled up twice to my new favourite outcrop that's just to the side of Saddle Tor.  The ascent is pretty easy.  It's coming down any gradient at all that's getting trickier and trickier.

Anyway, when I got back home yesterday here's what awaited me in the hallway of the house.  Aren't they lovely and springlike!  Getting flowers reminds me that there is a girlie girl hidden under that cropped noggin. Apparently,, as I found out later, they cost the princely sum of £5.95!

And there was more!  A new piece of pleasingly shaped retro bubble glass to add to my collection.  It would be rude not to accept this. Could someone, somewhere have had a reccie around a car boot sale and picked up a bargain that they knew that I'd like for just a couple of quid?

Item three that awaited me.  A note from my son that's quite priceless given the steps that he'll normally take to avoid writing anything.  Loving the dyslexic take on my name that has just got to rhyme with those French almondy biscuits.  He came round later to give me a hug, tell me what he'd spent and confirm that I'd followed his instructions.  And yes, the flowers greeted him outside the front door just as he'd stipulated!


  1. Lovely boy! What a great way to top off a beautiful day!

  2. What a lovely day and what lovely gifts your son chose for you. Priceless. . .

  3. You look smashing on that photo, much better than the last one, ha ha.

  4. Cheers Meanqueen - I agree - a bit squinty but it was a really sunny day. Will aim for a selfie where I can truly reach my super model potential!!!!x

  5. What a sweet boy you have.

    I have to agree with Ilona's comment; you look relaxed.