Friday, 14 March 2014

My Best Under The Circumstances

Image: Vlado
It's nearly a month since I rewarded myself for reaching a weight loss target.  Those iconic blue and white  Cornishware mugs that hold a swimming pool full of tea are an absolute pleasure.  Okay, I might be a little kooky but one of the things that I like about them is that the stripes are slightly raised and it's nice to run my lower lip over the ridges between sips.  Each to their own, as they say!

Anyway, let's move on from disclosing my weird drinking habits  and  set something straight.  My 5:2 diet is not being followed to get me to looking like Twiggy.   As far as body shape goes, I prefer being curvy,  a sentiment that I hope would make Gok Wan proud!  Given that I've never been a stick insect, it would be unrealistic to wish for anything different.

No,  my desire is just to get rid of a little more of that excess padding, look toned and set myself up for a healthy active lifestyle well beyond my forties. Another stone and a half should do nicely.  I'd like to report that the pounds are positively falling off me but they're not. Even though I'm pretty religious with sticking to my 5:2 diet, progress is  slow.  Those fastidiously planned weigh-ins indicate that I'm shedding on average just half a pound a week. If I carry on at this rate it would take nearly a year to get down to my target weight.

So what's holding back progress? The answer is pretty straightforward.  Calorie burning exercise, in all the forms that I enjoy, has become an absolute no-no.  Those allegedly gentle arts of cycling, walking and even swimming, as my leg seems to float off in odd directions, put too much strain on that poor damaged knee.  Of course, skiing, jogging and childlike sneaky gos on Louis' trampoline have been completely out for some time.  But now, even small amounts of additional activity over and above being a couch potato, like driving more than usual for heaven's sake, cause pain and instability,. The joint is now wibbly, even when encased in its brace. Short strolls up Saddle Tor and through Falmouth has made the problem worse.  It's enough to make my inner wilderness hiker weep and to be honest, I have had a little cry.  I've kept my virtual pecker up for the last few months but it's beyond boring now.

What I'm having to tell myself is that the end  really is in sight!  My operation is scheduled for the week after next and fingers crossed, after that I will finally put the health problems that I've had over the last few years to bed.  And I'm turning to my new favourite book for advice.  What do you know?  The Four Agreements has come up trumps again.  Do your best, it counsels, but what this means changes from moment to moment.  It is totally different according to whether you're sick or healthy.  Progress in the right direction, even if it isn't as fast as it would be if I could exercise as much as I'd like, demonstrates that I am still striving to be as good as I can at the current time. For that I need to give myself a pat on the back rather than a virtual beating!


  1. Hang on in there - there is light at the end of the tunnel . . .

  2. Slow and steady is far better than rapid weight loss.

    I think that when you have recovered from your surgery you will be able to do more in the way of exersize as you become stronger.