Monday, 24 March 2014

My Own Little Radio Star

Here's Louis at the wonderfully authentic Maritimo tapas restaurant on Plymouth Hoe last weekend.  It was a glorious day and  whilst I scoffed calamari and sardines, downed a glass of vino verde, practised a bit of Spanish and admired the view that is, quite frankly, my dear to die for, I rather stupidly got sunburn.  In early March for goodness sake It's unheard of. Anyway do you see what Lou's got to next to his plate?  Yes, a book, the current offering being from the Percy Jackson series.  He now carries one with him everywhere when we're out.  I take it as a measure that I must be getting something right when it comes to parenting.  At least that there's one thing that keeps him quiet occasionally.

My friend gave Louis' name to Matt, the breakfast time presenter at Palm FM, a local radio station.  He needs outgoing children to interview for his School Run feature so if  you know any who live in Torbay or South Devon, then send an email to and he'll be in touch.  Now 'outgoing' is my son's middle name.  In fact it's really Charles but I reckon it's due for a change.  Matt contacted me first to get some background information on Louis.  It seems this is necessary as apparently some children are less forthcoming with information.  'Oh don't you worry' I said.  'He'll talk for England!'.  I have no idea where he gets it from.

Now Matt's ten minute phone interview where Louis didn't draw breath had to be condensed into a three minute slot.   But rather cleverly he did it.   If you listen, you'll maybe get an idea of just how funny my son is, both intentionally and without realising. It's why he's excellent company.  I have to say though that his recollection of my skiing accident doesn't match my own. Treacherous  ice and sheer fear come more to mind than showing off!


  1. He sounds delightful! Would love to see the magic tricks. You'll have to not cheat if he goes on again - that way you might get your song played! x

  2. Didn't he do well. Very confident. Well done, Louis. I'm just calling in to say hi to my followers and I must agree with you about make-up. I, too, don't own any and don't wear it. I can't work out why people put it all on only to have to take it all off before going to bed.
    Love from Mum

  3. What a delightful and articulate young man he is, you can be very proud of him.