Thursday, 13 March 2014

Now That's What I Can Do With All That Sea Glass

I was quite taken by this picture that was hanging in a Falmouth coffee shop that displays beautiful sea washed glass so effectively.   Could this be the ideal souvenir from a lovely weekend away?

Yikes!  I think not.  Blooming heck!

Now beachcombing has a bit of a lure for me and beats shopping hands down. One of my favourtie pastimes is  scouring a shoreline humming happy tunes to myself and finding treasure  or litter for that matter.    I like to create a clean beach. Here's some my rich picking  that didn't go straight in a nearby bin.  I've also got a picture mount, some wood and some white paint going spare.  And there's glue of course, that sticky stuff that as a klutz, I tend to get everywher apart from the place that I intended.  Despite this, could I actually start and finish a project within a reasonable amount of time and end up with something similar at a fraction of the price?


  1. The original is gorgeous, why not give it a shot!

  2. I expect you might create something even better.