Thursday, 20 March 2014

Not Spooked by Maggie

The ghost of this woman seems to have been with me over the  the last few months.  Scarily, I even thought that I might be turning into the Iron Lady with her four hour sleep pattern at one time.  It seems though that I'm not the only one that she's haunting.  A very rough and ready survey of my menopausal friends suggest that disturbed nights are very common.

For a pinko leftie, sleep disturbance caused by Margaret Thatcher could constitute my worst nightmare but I'm standing up to her.  Rather than tossing, turning and fretting I accept my current lot.  I'm treating my wakefulness as a gift, a time to be productive.  My university application was completed at 3am the other night, the Guardian crossword and a few online competitions invariably get done. The wee small hours have seen me hew many a blog post too. Follow this link to find out about other people what others with strange nocturnal sleep-wake patterns are up to.  I have to say that cooking into the early hours isn't one of my usual activities but I did make pate once.

What prompted me to write today was that, for the first time in living memory, I slept right through! Okay I exaggerate but it's been a long time. And the reason?  Well, the Ray Winstone of Reiki paid a visit last night to give me another treatment and top up my energy levels before my impending operation.  At one time he seemed to remove something that appeared to be a brick out of the back of my head.  He said that it looked like a tornado though.  Anyway, this is not the time for splitting hairs.   Whatever it was, the process was uncomfortable. 'Why are you engaging in all this psychobabble?' the rational scientific side of my personality asks my inner hippy.  'You slept, didn't you?' she replies 'So stop moaning!'

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  1. I was thinking about Ms Thatcher today because I just read the memoir Maggie and Me by Damian Barr.