Friday, 28 March 2014

Stingy Chocolate Ginger Fridge Cake

The super observant among you may have noticed that today's image isn't  a fridge cake even though I photographed my efforts. However, food stylist I ain't so I was a little concerned that brown and lumpen doesn't equate with temptation.  It's not likely to get you to try it yourself. And I really  want as many people as possible to experience exquisite yumminess by going ahead and rustling up this easy-peasy recipe.

It really wasn't so long ago that I posted a link to a Jamie Oliver version of a fridge cake laden with pecans and pistachios.  If you want a gnarly dessert shot I posted one there. Thinking back, I needed  a small mortgage to knock that up. Muggins here bought into the idea that you have to buy a whole load of expensive nuts and half a tonne of good quality dark chocolate to show your friends the love by giving them a sweet treat. Today's variant is arguably as delicious but way cheaper as befits the purse of a single mum with a serious travelling habit to maintain.

My office has a fair few foodies and we're always seem to be feeding each other.  After all, if you fatten up your friends then you don't notice your own weight gain quite so much!  So it was no surprise when Scary Secretary brought the remains of a suppertime pudding, this chocolate and ginger fridge cake, into work to stop her succombing to eating the whole bloody lot all by herself.  It disappeared like a shot and I wasted no time in gorging my face whilst scribbling down the recipe down. The result is literally on the back of an envelope next to me as I speak.  By committing the instructions to my blog though, I'll never have to worry about throwing it away by accident.  That's the fate of many a random, but important scrap of paper in a house where the occupier has a tendency to declutter rather than hoard.

Shove 2 tablespoons of golden syrup, 40g of bog standard butter (none of that unsalted, pricey nonsense) and 200g of chocolate gently in a saucepan. As mothers to primary school children Scary Secretary and I both used a milk variety.  Kids seem to whinge like hell if you give them plain chocolate and believe me, even though we appear feisty, we'd both do anything for a peaceful non confrontational life.  Anyway, melt the ingredients together over a low heat. If you're careful you don't need to rig up a makeshift bain-marie to stop them burning.  Just keep an eye out.

Let's talk about the chocolate again while we're at it. Scary Secretary used two of the bars in Lidl that cost twenty or thirty pence each. I've already made my own version which had a couple of Asda's similarly priced Smartprice bars in it. Please trust me that this is really and truly going to be fine.  I don't like cheap chocolate either. That bit of butter seems to compensate for the high percentage of cocoa mass and sugar that I normally wouldn't touch with a barge pole.

If, indeed, we did need anger management, the next stage would have done the trick. Crush 225g of ginger biscuits, again Smartprice or another supermarket's equivalent will suffice.  You do this by popping them in a plastic bag and hitting them really hard with a rolling pin whilst thinking violent, dark thoughts. I visualised  that tosser who pranged my car and drove off without stopping.  Cooking really can be quite cathartic. You'll be left with crumbs and some big lumps of biscuit rather than a bloke with a bashed in head.  Whizz 100g of hazelnuts in the food processor so that they're broken up a bit.  At £1.52 for 150g from Asda they come in far cheaper than those pistachios (£2.81) and pecans (£2.57) that I used last time.  I'm sure that if you're even more of a cheapskate then it would be fine to substitute peanuts.

Get a big bowl and mix everything together. Then squish the the gooey, chocolatey, biscuity, nutty gorgeousness into a  buttered dish and chill in the fridge. In spite of prior preparation of the container the first slice will be a devil to get out but no matter.  We're talking taste here and not cosmetic perfection.  I promise you that  it's super delicious and no-one, even the fussiest of your friends, will realise that the ingredients  are from the bargain basement end of the food chain.

On second thoughts, you can't have a recipe about pictures! Here's that ugly wugly fridge cake.  It insisted on putting in an appearance!

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