Sunday, 9 March 2014

Thinking: Not Just About The Money!

The illustration today  is just part of  the rather excellent 'Watch Your Waste' infographic which has been included on the Live Better Challenge pages of the Guardian's website.  Go there!  It's is a brilliant resource that's aims to spark individual activism in key areas over the next seven months. The topic for the  first month is food waste and  a week long challenge of not throwing away any leftovers or edible food has been set. I'm particularly taken with the lady called the Dinner Doctor who has a live blog giving people tips on how to use their own particular bits and pieces that they've found lurking in their fridges and store cupboards.

Now I've talked about this subject before but it's worth banging on about. I've even contributed my own mouldy cheese and sour milk scone recipe before to help the cause.  The facts are truly appalling. The equivalent of 4600 calories of food per person are harvested on the planet each day yet only 2000 of those are eaten.  The rest, which is enough to feed all the starving people in the world, is wasted.

I'll hold my hand up and say that I'm still not 100% perfect with regard to not binning stuff but I'm getting really near to my personal zero waste target.  Call me a smug bastard but that week long food waste challenge, I'll be starting on Monday, doesn't seem very onerous at all. I've already taken steps to  use stuff up habitually.   Ditching the weekly shop and buying just what I need as I go along has been key here.  It forces me to focus on the ingredients that I already have and then prepare meals based around those. Regarding my freezer as my friend and popping leftovers in there for another day has been another cunning ploy that has been effective too.

We are urged here to 'Think about the Money' and I've included this particular picture because it sums up my own philosophy that goes beyond thinking about the grocery shop.  If you are careful with money and use it in a considered way then there's a greater chance for there to be pennies over to spend on the things that bring more meaning into the lives of yourself and others around you.


  1. Your last paragraph sums up my philosophy too - will go and check out the Guardian website. Thanks