Saturday, 1 March 2014

Mad Uses of Rubber Based Toys

Photo: PRA
Salty Dog, Little Lou and my big four wheeled metallic, Germanic love of my life find ourselves in Cornwall today.   I thought that I'd do some outings in the motorhome before next month's operation when I'm going to find myself cooped up for a while. It was a horrendous journey down with a detour through country lanes because of an accident that tested my driving abilities to their limits. But Raahhh! I have conquered and here we are unscathed, albeit without any water because I couldn't work out in the dark how to get the pump out of hibernation.

As I can't blog  about our trip yet I've racked my brains for subject material and come up with a question from a recent competition.  'What was your favourite toy in childhood', I was asked.  Now,  if you're looking for a standard answer here you've come to the wrong place.

Now in spite of my love of  power tools, a permanently cropped mane and a penchant for driving a hulking great vehicle and pretending that I am indeed an Ice Road Trucker, without the adverse climatic conditions, I am proud to have my girlie moments.  I love natty little skirts and dresses, flowers, the odd weepie chick flick and more than occasional forays into domestic goddess-dom.  And of course when I was young I had  a baby doll who wet her nappy.  But, like my compatriots,  I didn't use her for dressing up and mummy based role play. Oh no!  Instead she was a water pistol and a decorative one at that.  For with a great big purple marker pen I drew petals around her rubbery anus and used her as a huge joke squirty flower.   The psychologists could have had a field day with that one if they'd known.  And let me reassure the social workers out there  that Louis is not similarly adorned.  It's a phase that I've thankfully grown out of!

So what was my favourite toy then?  Well, that's easy peasy. Papa Lovelygrey worked at an airport when I was a kid and brought home a big fat aircraft inner tube.  I jumped around on it, rolled it around with a sibling in it,  made a big reading nest out of it and covered it in sheeting for  a den.  Every child should have one.  It beats the X-box hands down!

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