Wednesday, 26 March 2014

X on the Back of the Knee

Late today.  I didn't take my laptop into hospital, just my tablet and phone. So, I sensibly left posting until a time I had a proper keyboard. Predictive text and me just don't get on.  See the example below that I included in a message yesterday if you're in any doubt about my ineptness with modern day communication.  I was also busy with the physiotherapist, radiographer and a whole bunch of nurses so that inevitably took precedence over blogging.

By hook and crook, I got myself discharged this afternoon even though I was offered another night's stay. This was despite the fact that I still have no feeling in my left leg as the local anaesthetic that knocked out my femoral nerve still hasn't worn off. I promise too that I was totally honest with the nurses and confessed that an eleven year old boy would be in charge of my care this evening. What was I thinking! I could have remained in a peaceful private room, waited on my attentive  staff who, amongst other things brought me dinky little pots of tea on doily clad trays  and fed me plates of  salad garnished sandwiches. Though not the prawn ones as they were reserved for non NHS patients that had paid for the care themselves. I bet that they got Ferrero Rocher  (predictive text:  Hetero Crochet!) with their late night hot chocolate as well, just to let them know that they were being spoiled. My nurse this morning confirmed my suspicion that there was bacon sarnies on offer for them rather than just toast and cereal on the Plebgate menu.

I have just realised that there is a great big problem with my 'Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm' attitude to life.  Sometimes  that big fat optimistic approach means that I can be wholly unrealistic.  Yep, I did a shop and stocked the fridge and store cupboard with healthy ingredients in preparation for coming home. There must have been some trumped up plan in my deluded bonce where I would waltz in,  hop around  the kitchen and knock up a loaf of soda bread and wholesome soup with the Puy lentils that I regarded as essential to my wellbeing the other day.   I need to eat so that I can  take my painkillers without getting poorly. There was not much ready to hand that doesn't need to be chopped, sauteed  or kneaded.

Thankfully, a Pukka pie that  lurked in the back of the freezer has emerged and there's some chicken in the fridge that I defrosted a couple of days ago and forgot to eat that'll do for Louis.  A tummy upset in my current state wouldn't be fun.   I am suffering the indignity of having to use a zimmer frame  for Pete's sake, so am avoiding moving about if at all possible.  What was that Japanese programme where people undertook extreme acts?  It's like I'm participating in that and one of the stunts involves drinking loads of fluid whilst maintaining bladder control. Only joking about feeding out of date food to my son  My bad parenting, even when incapacitated, doesn't extend to passive acceptance of poisoning him. He'll be fine.  It was well in date and it helps that he has a stomach lining made of lead

But it's not all bad. I've got my boy back and he's putting on his best charge nurse act.  I'm camped on the living room sofa with lots of pillows, my favourite fluffy blankie and a cuddly toy or two as they're supposed to aid healing!  We're watching back episodes of 'The Simpsons', a programme that we both like and now the analgesia is kicking in.   And there's a tub of Mackie's that emerged at the same time as that pie which could  do nicely for pudding.

Today's glamorous images show the  bird's eye view of my leg which, as you see, has had several different makeovers in the last few days.  There was  a convict garb stage and then one created by the surgeon where it looked like there was an explosion at the Windowlene factory.  Then it went through its badly wrapped mummy phase and finally has emerged sporting an impressive leg brace from thigh to calf that makes my old one look tiddly. When I can feel my leg again there's a quite a gruelling exercise regime to start.  I'm really excited this as it has the knock on effect of getting me generally fit again. With my cruciate repair done and dusted I've finally got the X at the back of my knee back. In spite of today's setbacks, I'll retain my perky stance as I'm now so hopeful for the future.


  1. Wishing you a speedy recovery and a productive recuperation.

  2. Happy to hear you are able to stay positive. Also wishing you a speedy recovery!

  3. Ooh, wishing you a speedy recovery!

  4. What a great attitude to have! Don't overdo it though.