Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Bargain Bling

These pretty rings were snapped in the window of a shop dealing  in both new and secondhand baubles. I particularly like the one on the left.  As someone who dabbles in making their own bling  I appreciate the work that's gone into it.  Indeed if I'm tempted to buy a piece of jewellery these days I'll only go for stuff that I wouldn't be able to make myself.  My skill level, just from attending basic level courses, is sufficient for lots of potential purchases to be ruled out.  Once you know how to shape, solder and add texture to bits of precious metal, it's surprising what you can knock up given a bit of time and patience.

At Christmas, M, a friend of mine thought she might just 'pop' into Exeter to buy a friend a charm from the Pandora store.  As she isn't local she asked directions.  'That's easy' said the passer-by that she nobbled.  Just look for the place with the queue. She was amazed  that the line snaked around the corner from the store and that the quick dash into town took way longer than she'd intended.  That multi-component jewellery is such a clever concept. Darn, I wish I'd been the one to have thought of it!

This is what £250 will buy you at Pandora's online store.   It's one of their stacking rings in 14ct gold and I have to say that I quite like it. But that 18ct vintage number with its pretty blue stone and higher precious metal content is much more up my street. For starters, it's unlikely that you'd come across another one just like it again. And because there's no added costs for design, or all that hype, its worth remembering that secondhand jewellery is often so much way better value.


  1. I much prefer the secondhand ring too, but then I don't like ' normal shops' and having things which are the same as everyone else.
    My daughter and son-in-law made their own wedding rings whilst at Glastonbury - they're beautiful and completely individual.

  2. I have to admit, I just don't understand the appeal of Pandora and similar. Everyone I know seems to love it and I don't know why, especially considering what you get for your money.

  3. Pandora - wasn't she the one who was so curious that she opened the box and let out lots of problems, till all was gone, except hope?
    Observing my acquaintances who have joined the queue, they end up with a load of beads, and nothing left in their bank accounts but hope!
    I would much rather have a less [financially] valuable piece of jewellery, especially if it represents true love.
    Good post!!

  4. I like the one on the right. very much my style

  5. The ring that I love the most is a Victorian creation in yellow and white gold with a central diamond and fantastic green Garnets. I would not like t gold ring that you showed. I did, though, design and have made my last engagement and wedding ring which my daughter now owns.