Thursday, 24 April 2014

DIY for Damsels in Distress

When I was married and something went wrong around the house I have to admit that normally I was rather girlie.  I got the old man to deal with the electrical, plumbing, general maintenance type problems.  Now, as the only adult in my household I have to be a lot more resourceful when things go a bit tits up. 

For all those other damsels in distress who don't happen to have a passing prince around when they need one, let me remind you that the Internet is your friend in situations like this.  There is virtual help out there.  Just type in what is confounding you and a virtual DIY-er will guide you through the steps.

The plug got well and truly wedged into my bath the other day and so I couldn't drain the water out. Some lovely folk on the Pistonheads website gave suggestions about what might help.   Here's my unfeasible favourite.

Right, this is what you do...
Bit of water in bath, not much...
Lower your bare arse over the plug...
Clench and unclench your bum to create suction...
Repeat until plug surrenders...
Job's a good 'un, but make sure you don't swallow the

Needless to say, this wasn't the tip that sorted out the problem.  Would it surprise you if I said that I didn't even try it? Forcing a scalpel blade under the plug, a solution in another post to the feed, eventually did the trick and then a quick adjustment of the plug's screw mechanism has made sure that the problem hasn't happened again.  Who needs a real handyman when a virtual one will do just as well!


  1. omg, the suggestion has made my day, I can't stop visualising this.