Saturday, 19 April 2014

Luscious Lemon Drizzle Cake

I recognise here that when sharing a recipe online that it is conventional to put up a picture of the finished article.  But heck, I fly in the face of orthodoxy.  What's more I forgot to take a photo at the opportune time and the cake is nearly eaten now. So, here's a shot of Louis demonstrating the very reason why kids like making sweet stuff.  It's so that they can scrape the bowl at the end of the process.

Anyway let me tell you that the lemon cake that Lou knocked up was blooming delicious.  Foolishly we gave a piece away 'Moist, excellent balance of sharpness  and texture...better than many purchased in cake and coffee shops' was the verdict that was texted to me.  Blimey!  So what is that recipe then?

Well, it's from the Flora spread website.  The link is here.  And yep Lou's cake looked quite like the one in the picture except he made it in a loaf tin.  All the ingredients bar the ones for the syrup were bunged in the food processor and whizzed.  Simples!  There was just one way in which we deviated from the original recipe.  I'm not a fan of margarine type spreads and we used proper old fashioned butter.  Give me the real stuff anyday! 


  1. I always bake with butter- it just tastes so much nicer!

  2. Do you know that cockroaches don't recognise some margarines as food stuff. That's what put me off. Plus taste! x