Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Making an Imperfect Day as Perfect as Possible

Really knackered!  Yesterday didn't go quite according  to  the best laid plans of mice, men or Essex girls which was......   a pleasant little jaunt around Devon with my visiting friend followed by a pub lunch. Then I was going to show her how to linocut and make her a silver ring. Doesn't that sound on a par with Iggy Pop's 'Perfect Day' except a zoo-less, sangria-less, crafty version for forty-something women.

Instead,  let's name her 'Calamity Jane', developed severe abdominal pain.  Bless! That necessitated a taxi journey due to the inability of either of us to drive my car to the nearest General Hospital in Torquay.  We spent a gargantuan five hours in the waiting room of A&E passing the time with yet more reminiscing, catching up, people watching and lots of laughter that didn't really help that poorly  tummy.  The nurses all thought that we were pretty jolly under the circumstances.  They said that we had brightened up their day.

Eventually Calamity Jane was discharged with the lorryload of  painkillers that she'll need to make her journey back to Essex tomorrow.   And she said that she was going to look after me.  What a naughty fibber!  The nurse maid roles totally reversed.  She was installed on the chaise longue thingy with cosy blankets,  plied with big cups of tea and smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels and nagged  to take her tablets properly.   Then  a bit more laughing as it probably is the best medicine.  I can be just like a modern day Florence Nightingale on crutches if the situation calls for it. The entire incident has demonstrated the upper limits of my current ability to hobble around.  Everything hurt by the end of the day and I've needed to raid the bathroom cabinet for my own pain relief again.  What a couple of old crocks we are!

However just before the lurgy set in fully we managed a brief morning visit to the Devon Guild of Craftsmen  to catch their  new exhibition 'Beyond the Book'. This looks at the book both as a medium in its own right and as a container of ideas and concepts.  This stunning piece, 'Migratory Words' by Su Blackwell stands by itself.   Good job really.  It's a day where tiredness renders me less capable of verbal commentary than usual.  Let's shut it then!  I need to save my strength for hospital and GP surgery visits of my own today.  Toodle Pip, as Mean Queen might say!

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