Sunday, 13 April 2014

More Clouds and Gratefulness

That practice of being mindfully grateful is paying huge dividends.  Once I actively started to place emphasis on what I have rather than focusing  on what I do not, the list that I can come up with of how I am blessed just grows and grows. And yes, as David Steindl Rast has pointed out gratefulness does indeed seem to be the precursor to happiness.  Heightened awareness of this has resulted in  an extra source of strength that I am sure is contributing to me getting well.  I'm especially more appreciative of others when they give something of themselves  and am actively looking for ways to express this overtly. Do you know an old man who was much more incapacitated than me offered me his seat on the bus the other day? Blimey, I didn't think I seemed that doddery! Of course, I didn't take up his offer as I didn't need to. I recognised how much kindness it demonstrated and could thank him accordingly.

Back to the wonder of clouds that I talked about a few weeks ago.  Here's another snap of the sky that I've taken.   Would you believe that this is the view from the side window of my house?  It was obscured by an old wooden venetian blind for so long that I forgot it was available to me.   Really!  Of course, it's Haytor, that most iconic of the sights of Dartmoor which is just three or four miles west of here.  Needless to say that the blind now stays up which has resulted in mad naked dashes between bathroom and bedroom  as fast as I can hobble. What's the chances that the neighbours are will see my bare butt anyway?  My reckoning is that they're pretty slim as I'm not vastly overlooked.

So  I take pleasure from the vista now every time I climb the stairs. And now when I'm doing my physiotherapy exercises I use the bannister as a handrail, stare off into the distance, recognise that I am getting stronger and give thanks that I'll soon be up there in person again soon.


  1. One technique I was taught was rather than making a list of what you need to do during the day keep a list of what you have actually achieved. It changes the whole perspective for me.

  2. Yep I already do that! Mentally at least. x