Friday, 11 April 2014

Citigo and Sauerkraut

My new best friend Dennis called me yesterday.  Why has a complete stranger been given such elevated status?  Well, he's the salesman at Skoda with the enormously important job of ensuring that my bright green baby will be delivered safely.   And he's phoned with some excellent news. 'Your Citigo is in Germany!' he told me.   I hope my little fella is having a lovely time drinking big frothy tankards of ale and chomping on sausages in an atmospheric beer hall. Oh hang on, Don't motor vehicles prefer snacking on by-products from the petrochemical industry? Anyway, he can listen to some oompah music while he's there.

His little sojourn en route to England is ahead of schedule and will mean that he'll be ready to collect at the showroom as soon as I am given the okay to resume driving again.  I'm looking forward to meeting him in person especially as since ordering him I haven't spotted one of his brothers or sisters, even of a different colour, on the road. While I've been playing the waiting game I've produced another of my spreadsheets.  Number crunching is such fun when it demonstrates that there is money that can be put towards something more meaningful - like travel!   If you remember my initial arithmetical exercise indicated that I could save nearly £700 by taking out a personal motoring lease as opposed by the one offered as a 'perk' by my NHS employer.  Well, this analysis of fuel costs using the figures for the cheapest local garage from indicates that there may be even further pennies to be pinched.   Improvements in fuel economy with advances in automotive technology are a factor to take into account when choosing between buying  a new and used car.

Even if my compact Czech built beauty just equals the fuel consumption of my current misnamed Fiesta Econetique there is a small saving of about eighty quid to be had because the new car uses petrol rather than  more expensive diesel.  Not to be sniffed at if you consider that this would easily buy a couple of weeks worth of groceries.  The savings are more substantial the nearer that mpg figure gets to the official estimate of 67.3.   Information across a few sites on the Internet suggest true consumption might even creep near the 60mpg mark.  If so,  might the reduction in fuel costs alone pay for  a ferry crossing to France with the motorhome?  That's my benchmark of a saving that is well and truly worth having!

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