Thursday, 3 April 2014

Now I Thought That Looked Familiar!

Photo: The Guardian
Hmm!  My relationship with Lego is soooo love-hate.  On one hand I acknowledge it to be one of the most genius toys invented. Then on the other ...well what parent hasn't broken their 'No Swearing in Front of the Children' rule when they've trodden on a particularly knobbly piece.  Oh, okay there are some whose inner fish wife isn't quite as close to the surface as my own and don't utter expletives at the drop of a hat, or plastic brick.

My negativity has also been enhanced by an ongoing row that I've been having with Louis for a couple of months now since  I had the audacity to move an unfinished Technics kit that had been cluttering up the living room for two years into a toy box in his bedroom.  I have to say though that my views about Lego aren't quite as extreme as those held by Father Slawomir Kostrezewa  who, as reported in 'The Guardian', views the toy as Satanic.  This is based on the fact that characters from the 'Monsters and Zombies' series have expressions that show satisfaction with their evil acts.  I thought that they just looked a little scary, perhaps like a child when bits from a Lego City kit have been inadvertently sucked up in the hoover.  Follow the link to see if you agree.

Let's get back to the positive and think about when those plastic bits and pieces are used at their creative best.  I posted in the past about the brilliant take on  artworks produced by Cake and Neave who seem to have gone back to calling themselves 'The Little Artists'.  If the price tag on the original Damien Hurst 'Shark' would be a little too eye watering, how about a Lego limited edition for £495 instead?

It seems that 'the Guardian' has gone Lego crazy for it also has a quiz showing sites from around the world that  Warren Elsmore has painstakingly recreated in miniature.  Now I knew, at once that image Number 5 that is shown above represented one of my most favourite places in the world, on the proviso that I visit outside the main holiday season to avoid the crowds.   I just couldn't resist showing a compare and contrast image of my own to give you an extra clue if you need it.  Yes I do have some more conventional shots but couldn't help including one that has my handsome metallic beastie parked in the foreground!


  1. Someone did a model of Preston Bus Station in Lego a while back, very much appreciated by me. We're great users of Lego here, it's fantastic for protecting cables from the teeth of rabbits.

    Belated birthday greetings too.

  2. Loving the idea of the cable protection!

  3. I adore LEGO and have emptied the vacuum bag to retrieve pieces. Your vehicle looks awesome; you should give us a tour of it some time!

  4. Ye gods, I hate Lego. It is the most unforgiving thing in the world, what can one do with several pieces of RECTANGULAR plastic, I ask you??

    Sorry, rant over...