Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Poisson d'Avril

Today is the start of my fiftieth year on  Planet Earth and the final one where my age has a '4' at its beginning.  How time passes when, in the main, you're enjoying yourself.   And there was me thinking that I was a sweet young thing who can still get away with wearing short skirts. If you know me personally and think that there's anything that I'm doing that suggests that I'm veering towards mutton dressed as lamb tendencies, please do let me know.

Yes it's my birthday, one I've remembered it this year.  The  fact that I share it with 'April Fools Day' when the French inexplicably pin fishes on each other's back might explain some of my inherent battiness.  As next year is a biggie I'm already thinking that a bit of a bash might be on the cards, perhaps a gathering with a bar and a band where loads of the people who have shared my life might bring food they've made, drink a teensy bit too much, dance badly and reminisce about the daft things that I've done.  Believe me, they have plenty of material to share.

This year is a different kettle of fish, or poissons if you are a francophile.  A pattern of rest and recuperation has built that characterises this time off work on sick leave.   Sure, people pop round, talk on the phone and message me and I really value that.  Keep that communication coming!  The solitude, that gives me time to do exactly what I need to do to nurture myself is brilliant as well.

So, today I'm looking forward to the the badly wrapped present that I'll get  from Louis when he wakes up and of course the hugs and kisses. He puckers up well. Then after I've packed him off to school I'll have a bubbly bath, do  my exercises,  read, cook and craft and at sometime go for a little walk to take in the marvellous displays of daffodils that have sprung up in the lanes.  I try to meditate daily and do a little reiki on myself.  And I'll inevitably snooze a bit.  Much needed napping has become part and parcel of my daily life and it's probably as valuable as all that wholesome activity.

I'm really hopeful for the next year and have so many ideas and plans that rely on me being in tip top shape.  So I'm viewing this extended time of rest as an extra special birthday gift,  a rare opportunity to build myself up physically, spiritually and mentally.  It's one that  I've accepted with gladness.


  1. Happy Birthday. Relax and enjoy some 'me' time.

  2. Happy Birthday, Ms. Lovelygrey!

  3. Sorry, I missed it! You are a mere child anyway. Pff!

  4. Bless! Feel very childlike at 49 x