Saturday, 5 April 2014

Sausage and Padron-esque Peppers on Onion Bread Bruschetta

The reason that I don't do way more recipe posts is that the food I prepare on a day to day basis is pretty simple and invariably involves a frying pan.  There's a confession that would have Gwyneth Paltrow massively freaking out but then again she may have turned to stodgier comfort food since her conscious uncoupling from Chris Martin. I'm sure now he's let off the leash he'll be indulging in a doner kebab or two.  Or perhaps a uncontrollable junk food habit on his part was the reason for the split?

How it goes is that I heat a little oil, usually sunflower or olive, in the pan.  Rapeseed might get a look in if I'm being a bit more daring and its made its way to the front of the store cupboard.  Then I see what's in the fridge, take out whatever veggies need using up and cook them.   I like to go for a range of different colours.  After all, enjoyment of food is about visual pleasure as well as taste.

Simple seasoning is the order of the day.  Just sea salt and ground black pepper normally suffice but smoked paprika  gets a look in now and then to impart a bit of warming heat.  Maybe I'll add cubes of cheese, something meaty like chorizo or chopped up bacon, 'flamenco' the dish by cracking in an egg or two or knock up a frittata.  Sometimes whatever I've cooked up might be served with something potatoey or bread based.  My own take on a chimichanga often makes an appearance as tortillas are a store cupboard staple at Lovelygrey Cottage.

I thought that I'd share one particular botched together dish.   You'll see that some sausages were part of the equation.  The name of the particular make escapes me but they will have been good, high meat content ones where the piggies that gave their lives for them were raised in an environment with decent welfare standards.  I don't buy crap meat.  Into the pan with them went a handful of cherry tomatoes  and some of the tiny baby peppers that they sell in Asda in their posh range but only cost 75p for a tub.  They remind me of the brilliant green Padron peppers that I had as a tapas on my recent trip to Plymouth's Maritimo but these are, of course are red. Duh! Unlike chillies there's no much heat involved.  I'm way too much of a woose for anything fiery.  Of course, if you want to substitute Jalapenos or Scotch bonnets, be my guest!

Once everything was cooked so that it has a caramelised glaze,  I tipped it all out onto the top of a couple of slices of bruschetta made from toasted onion bread drizzled with olive oil and rubbed with garlic.  And there you have it, a fusion of good Olde Englishness and those sunnier Mediterranean flavours! It was bloody lovely!


  1. Sausages were on the menu for today but seeing this delight, I might adjust my plans. I have some toms I bought reduced to 25p per bag in asda and a couple of peppers, may have to substitute the bread but it will do, thanks for the idea.

  2. Yum; good sausages are one of the few things I have really missed since I took up plant based eating.