Sunday, 20 April 2014

Snaps Without Spending

I started my Master's study this week and you want to know the truth?  The compulsory module that is the first that I'm working through is very, very boring.   It's got to be done though as learning to critically appraise academic papers, which the unit teaches me, is part and parcel of every other bit of the course. Writing an serious essay is way different to producing a blog post.  Something tells me that the inclusion of random trivia or a joke or two isn't really going to be allowed!

The course is distant learning with Derby University and it's a bit tricky to troll up there from Devon to look at a textbook.  So access to other university libraries across the country is part of the deal. To obtain that I needed to send off a passport sized photo.  I'm sick and tired of spending a fiver in the supermarket booths so wondered if I could produce the correct sized image online. With the help of the folks at, I've done just that.  Their site not just for us peeps in the UK either.  A range of image sizes to meet requirements of other countries can be produced there.

To create a photo that is acceptable to the passport authorities, you must adhere to strict guidelines and my mugshots above, where I'm way too smiley and bits of my face are missing, wouldn't cut the mustard for this purpose. But then again, neither did one that was produced in a photo booth on my last passport renewal as it was rejected on the grounds that the background colour was wrong. Incomprehensible and annoying!  Common sense tells me that it should be perfectly feasible to produce your own compliant images.  Here's a link suggesting how that might be done.


  1. you never looked like that when I worked with you.

  2. Well, I haven't done anything radical Helen! xx

  3. That is an excellent link, thank you for posting it. Being the age I am, I need to submit quite a few photos and it can work out rather expensive,