Sunday, 6 April 2014

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Two weeks into my sick leave and my left leg is going from that very angry purple colour to a nice shade of mustardy yellow.  I've changed my mind and don't think that I'm turning in Maggie Thatcher anymore. A by-product of this little episode is that now I can sleep for England and no longer share the Iron Lady's capacity for wakefulness. No, now I think, that if the rest of my body follows suit, and my hair gets higher and bluer, I will be the spit of Marg Simpson.  My brother, in a lean romantic period, used to fancy her!

Considerable amounts of time lounging around between the exercise sessions has meant the opportunity to go on little musical journeys exploring old favourites and discovering new stuff. Here's an eclectic mix that I've come with based on a wedding theme.   I hope that there's something for everybody here.   The inspiration?  Well, one of my oldest friends ties the knot next month for the first time at the tender age of 49.  Bless!  I reckon that I may even be up for a boogie at the do by then,

Something Old

Is a song from 1953 old enough?  Yeah! I reckon so.  A friend posted a link to this on Facebook, reminding me  that I've loved Calamity Jane and the soundtrack since childhood.  Doris Day was so pretty and fresh faced.  Her transition in the film from grubbiness to glamour  whilst retaining that tomboy air was brilliant.  Now that's a personal style to aspire to!   Did you know that Doris had her ninetieth birthday last week?  She's still a good looking lady.  Another interesting fact is that Calamity Jane was based on a real person, Martha Jane Canary, a Wild West pioneer, whose life was jolly colourful and interesting indeed and involved prostitution.  Now, I don't remember any of that in the movie!

Something New

As an avid talk radio  listener in the form of Radio 4 it's sometimes hard to come across fresh new music to hold onto.  Spotify has been a godsend as tracks and artists are recommended for me. Attending live events likes gigs and festivals also extends my musical repetoire.  I've just discovered that the Guardian's New Music column could be a good potential resource.  I've picked my new track from its 2014  recommendations. 'Goodbye' by My Sad Captains has been chosen as much for the zany video, with an appearance by a wonderful collection of retro  Hoovers, as the tune.

Something Borrowed

My favourite local band haven't had a look in for a time so I thought that I'd share their cover  version of 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia'.  They're excellent musicians and here, the fiddle playing is amazing.  There were a couple of videos to choose from but I went for the one where a bunch of school kids look as if they're having a really good time!

Something Blue

I could have been more well defined colour theme here.  That song by 'Eiffel 65', the soundtrack on my first ever visit to Yellowstone perhaps.  Or maybe Bowie's 'Sound & Vision'.   Ooh, Ooh electric blue is the colour of my room....... No, in spite of the fact that weddings are supposed to be happy occasions,  I have plumped for absolute melancholy and selfishly chosen what has to be my favourite song of all time.  After all blue might have been the colour that David Sylvian's love wore.  Who knows! This starkly beautiful number is from the soundtrack of  the emotionally charged 'Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence', a film that I really must toddle off and add to the favourites in my profile............there done!   Not sure about Bowie's acting but I'm at odds with most reviewers. I'll agree though that the cinematography  is divine!

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