Tuesday, 29 April 2014


The eighties was a difficult time to get it right from a style point of view but Uber-cool Ana had it sussed before the rest of us.  I was in awe of the pencil thin woman dressed in black who could pull off thigh boots as everyday wear and who sported a pierced nose and tattoo in the days when body art wasn't de rigueur.    But that air of aloofness was just a cover for a lovely person who's always had a great love for gardening, cooking and homemaking.  Who'd have thought it?

Over twenty five years on and I'm still in touch with Ana.  We mainly meet at festivals as listening to music whilst hanging out in a field is a shared passion.  In a Facebook conversation the other week, she urged me to stretch myself with regard to what I listen to.  Now Punk Rock O' Clock made me feel like the middle aged woman that I just didn't realise I'd become.  It's just too noisy.  But this, and other songs by Texan, Josh T Pearson hits the spot nicely.

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