Friday, 4 April 2014

Tacky Knickers and Bonios

Egged on my incorrigible friend Mr Metrosexual, here's a sneaky snap that I took last month whilst on one of our lunchtime meanders over to the Totnes supermarket that isn't the Coop. If you're local, you'll be able to work out where I mean. The proximity of nasty nylon undies, a leftover from Valentine's day perhaps, next to the doggie treats has to be one of the most incongruous examples of product placement that I've ever seen.   It made our productive little minds boggle. 'Where do you think it would be better to put those  pants?' asked Mr Metrosexual.  'Next to the cooking oil?' I suggested.  He had a little think.  'No, near the lard would be much better!'

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