Wednesday, 9 April 2014

That's Cheating II

Books are such amazing things that it's no wonder that I always cheat when I ban them after setting spending rules.  Oopsy daisy! Life  is  so unimaginable without them and I can't think how it might have panned out if  I hadn't been my friends  from an early age. After all, I've been reading since the age of two and a half.  Precocious or what! I reckon though that, in exchange for this, I have been denied the ability to catch and hit a ball with a bat or racquet  or be anything but a hindrance in any team sport.  I am forever resigned to being a nerd rather than a jock.

Last year I decided that I might circumvent my self imposed  laws by asking my brother, whose birthday is six days before mine to get me a book that I wanted.  In return I'd buy him one.  Genius!  Anyway, we've decided to make this exchange into an annual tradition.

Here's the two that Paul bought me this year to support my latest crafting experiments. The first is more of a 'How To' manual which I hope will help me develop my skills, maybe reducing the incidences of swearing and nicks to my finger.  There's some quite well defined projects that look that they could do the trick The second is more of a resource book exploring the work of artists who work in this medium.  Is thinking 'Blimey, I'll never be that good defeatist?'  There's some incredible stuff in there.

And Paul's choice was A Life in Pictures by Alasdair Gray.  Here's an interesting review of that from the Guardian.  When it comes to arty stuff he is way more highbrow than me!


  1. Oh no..another craft that I have not tried. I need to live to be 100 to get through all the things I still want to do and until you did this post I hadn't thought of this one. lol.

  2. I am new to your blog but am loving it so far. Am only at May 2010 so plenty more reading to come!

  3. Welcome Aril - Hope you enjoy! x