Thursday, 17 April 2014

The Best Use For Duct Tape Ever!

Photo: The Guardian
I'm into week 4 of sick leave. Had things gone to my dizzy pre-op plan, literally thousands of craft projects would have come to fruition by now.  I like to be realistic in the targets that I set myself.

The reality?  Well, I'm doing very well in the scheme of things.  My physiotherapist is pleased and hell, lets give myself a pat on the back, I'm doing far more from a physical point of view than I expected at this stage.

But I get tired and the pain breaks through my analgesia.  I have to nap and rest so by the time I've done the exercise that I've agreed should form my rehab programme and what needs doing around the house there's little time for all that creative activity.  No matter!  I've no doubt that I'll be back to living as full and active a life as I want soon.

In the meantime I'll take inspiration from others.  Last week it was the mountaineer Jamie Andrew and today, Pascale Honore is the person who is spurring me onto greater things.  Follow this link here that will take you to the video which shows how this lady has taken to the waves again after a spinal injury.  It's so mad it made me smile and smile!

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  1. Hope you're feeling properly better soon - keep going with the physio and take care.
    Emma :-)