Sunday, 27 April 2014

The Gang

One of the important aspects of parenting is providing children with opportunities to savour what life has to offer.  This is done in the hope of raising well rounded little individuals who develop interests that have meaning to them and which serve them into adulthood.  But how do you choose from the myriad of activities that are on offer to kids these days?  I would suggest that you can't go far wrong with looking at what both the Scouts and Girl Guides have to offer because it is an eclectic mix of stuff, some of which is bound to appeal to the kid in your life.  Just remember if you do that they are organisations that are staffed by volunteers so 'be prepared' to 'lend a hand' as a parent.

So in the five years Louis has been involved in Scouting, from beaverdom upwards  he has of course camped and sung songs around the fire but there's been much more than that.  He's made things, competively cooked, learnt to kayak, been crabbing, raised funds, conserved nature, taken part in remembrance and St George's day ceremonies, roamed the moor, learnt card tricks,  ........the list goes on and on.  And as he progresses within the organisation more and more exciting things are open to him.  I fully anticipate he'll be in training for Ten Tors when he's a bit older and may have opportunities for travel that makes me green with envy.  Devon's Explorer Scouts are shortly to embark on a jamboree in Iceland and will participate in outdoor activities where I'd bite off my left arm for the chance to be involved!

This is a photographic record of Louis's latest Scouting adventure, taking part in Bovey Tracey's Scout and Guide Gang Show with all the quick costume changes that this entailed.  I know that the nanas who read this will love these pictures.  Treading the boards isn't something that I've ever done outside a few abysmal school productions so this represents a real departure from all that outdoor activity and crafting that I'd usually share with my son.   In all honesty I was a bit reticent when  Louis said he wanted to be involved. How would he fare on stage? Wouldn't he find all that rehearsing onerous?  I have to say my fears were groundless. He's approached the whole project with tons of commitment and thrown himself into the whole thing with abandon.  And the shows were amazing.  Singing, dancing, acting and Lou's very own magic show with a glamorous assistant in drag!  It's given him a new interest in life and he can't wait to be 'Riding Along on the Crest of a Wave' in 2015 as well.

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  1. Fabulous to hear your son is getting such a lot out of the scouting movement. My son is now a young leader at Scouts aswell as being an active member of Explorers.