Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Troy Comes to Ashburton

Tuesday is the day I have physiotherapy in the moorland town of Ashburton.  It's a quick hop down the road on the  X38 bus from my house and I've established a little routine.  After collecting my brownie points at the hospital, I toddle off down the hill on crutches to treat myself at Tea at Taylors, whilst I wait at the bus.  It's my new favourite cafe where the decor is exquisite and the cakes, particularly the almond sponge, are to die for.  I've even bagsied my favourite comfy chair which is near the window and is ideal for watching the world go by.

On the way there I pass the gallery of sculptor Heather Jansch who shapes life sized horse out of driftwood collected from the Devon coast.  I did a double take when I first saw her work as it is both breathtakingly beautiful and utterly clever in its construction.Sadly I have not been able to go inside as the gallery is only open on Fridays and Saturdays.   So, you'll have to make do with a ghostly equine image, taken through the shop window.  Could this  give someone a brainwave for a project made from found nature objects of their own? 

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