Tuesday, 22 April 2014

20th Century Stories

Video: Pathe News
I just love social history and a bit of black and white footage.  A combination of the two is frankly marvellous. Are there other people out there who could spend hours watching those old newsreels that cinemas used to show before the headline film?  I bet there might be.

Well now you can access 85,000 clips of 20th Century history as British Pathe News is now on YouTube.  A little film from 1935 of a ten stone baby is one example. Click on the picture to access the link. It gives a glimpse of just how attitudes over the years have changed.  I wonder how a similar sized toddler would be viewed now.  Something tells me that there might be some sort of parenting order today... and a  ban on those chocolate bars!

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  1. I enjoy reading social history too, but a ten stone baby?!

    Good link, thank you.