Saturday, 10 May 2014

Clever Coins

Armed with enough information to allow me to start the first essay of my Master's course, I'm back from my whistle stop tour of Derby.   Fingers crossed that as I'm distance learning  I won't have to make that journey again anytime soon.  It's a very different experience of university life from my past forays into being a student.  No running around with a traffic cone on my head whilst drinking cheap cider this time!  On second thoughts I'm not so sure that ever really happened.

I spotted the picture above on the wall of the refectory at the Britannia Mill campus yesterday and was wowed by its cleverness. The graduation in shading is achieved by using pennies with different levels of tarnish. Maybe someone else out there with a big spare change pot might be inspired to produce something similar. I'll give this one a pass.  Surely the fact that I'm too busy studying could be my excuse but  something also tells me that this is way too clever for me to reproduce!


  1. Dear Julie,

    I came across your blog today and image my surprise and delight when I saw you had posted an image of the Penny Portrait. Thank you for posting the image and your lovely comments.

    Best Wishes

    Mary (The Artist)