Sunday, 11 May 2014

Days Out In Devon: Pirating

May is the time of year when a Devon girl's thoughts are on skullduggery for 'tis the season of the Pirate Festival!  I thought that I'd written about the one in Brixham in 2013 when I visited with Lou, Scary Secretary and her nipper.  Looking back though it seems that the planned post never happened.  Of course, I could have rectified that when I returned last week but my companions were a more blokey crew.  We drank, ate and passed comment on the size of some of the lusty wench's cleavages.  No pictures of the event were taken for posterity.

Yesterday it was the turn of Plymouth to play host to the marauders of the sea. Crafty Kerry and I took the kids which gave the whole event a rather different flavour.  We were determined to come back with some photographic mementos of the day.  I think we've done all right this time.  Here's the good ship 'Phoenix' and we were allowed on board.

The crew seem to be quite entrepreneurial about how they fund their grog purchases.

Who put him in charge? I guarantee that it will lead to trouble.

Of course teenagers are too cool to dress up in all that pirate finery.

Unlike their embarrassing sister.....

..and Mum and friend making use of our very own thirsty sailor fund!

There were puppets....

And piratey popping chocolate.....

....And this lovely bunch, the Pirates of St Piran.  They got us laughing and dancing.  Crafty Kerry and I are oh so tempted to kit out in the finery and start our very own swashbuckling pirate brigade.

Jonty Depp was admiring of Beth's beautiful coat.

It goes without saying that there has to be weaponry around.

And although they insist that they're just friends do you think that Lou might have struck lucky with a certain little girl pirate?

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  1. Looks like fun! We have lots of pirate-themed days at our local harbour in the summer. And the occasional zombie walk.