Friday, 9 May 2014

Flossing Not Flossie

How seasonal!  Cute little fellows like this one are scampering around the fields surrounding my Devon home as we speak.  Today though I'm far away from there and have woken in Derby where I've come for a university course to learn about the hard stuff that's been causing my head to go into a spin when I've been studying it by distance learning.  Eek!  The view from my hotel window incorporates a car park, an autocentre and a radio station.  Hmm!   Not so nice as those West Country vistas.  I'm told the nearby Peak District is lovely but I'm not going to discover that this time as I'm only here for a whistle stop tour.

For today's inspration I turned to Stumbleupon and found a post about strange health tips.  'Ha!' I thought. Í bet that includes my own favourite.' And lo and behold! it did.

Flossing your teeth goes way beyond getting nubby bits of decaying food out from between your gnashers and keeping your mouth smelling like a bed of roses.  They'd have to be pepperminty ones and I've never come across any that smell like that but those rose breeders are tenacious souls so maybe one day.... No, the action of rubbing that waxy string between your teeth gets rid of bacteria.  These can enter the blood stream through the gums and increase the risk of heart attack and stroke.  This is why flossing always seems to make it into those lists of curious tips to keep you well. It goes way beyond preventing nasty niffs!

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