Friday, 23 May 2014

Gorgeous Girlie Voices for a Gorgeous Green Car

Some people who know just a titchy witchy bit about me might think that all my musical interludes are spent listening to Leonard Cohen with his gift of a golden voice. Not so! For although I love Leonard dearly he sometimes takes a back seat to other artists.  He's still welcome to come to tea anytime he fancies even though cosmic ordering oddly only seems to work for Noel Edmonds and not me!  My mood at the moment seems to favour lilting rather than gravelly.  So I thought that I'd share  two of the songs of women that are accompanying me on my inaugural journeys in my tiny bright green car. First off is Karen Peris of the Innocence Mission whose voice is so unusual and beautiful. I think that if I had three wishes at the moment one of them could be the ability to sing like her.  Spotify  recently discovered this band for me based on my other musical preferences and blow me if it wasn't, well spot on.  I've been playing this incredible song  from the 'Befriended' album even more than the other excellent tracks.  The lyrics are probably deep and meaningful but blow me if I can work them out.


And just to curb a habit of  obsessively listening to just one artist over and over I've been ringing the changes with an album that takes me way back to my university days.  Then I favoured lots of eyeliner, dressed in black and contemplated my navel rather too much. What was I thinking? Someone should have come along and given me a poke with a rather sharp stick and told me to perk up.  Anyway, 'Treasure' by the Cocteau Twins was far more upbeat than a lot of the indie stuff that they played at the Timepiece in Exeter, a hangout for other angst ridden melancholic youths.  The atmospheric vocals of Elizabeth Fraser have stood the test of time.  And for all you clever clogs, I challenge you to ascribe meaning to the words here!

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